Ten holiday conversation topics

10 conversation topics, besides college, that are guaranteed to work!

Aspen Konowalchuk

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Ashley Ortizcazarin

Aspen Konowalchuk ducks, dodges, dips, and dives away from talking about college during Thanksgiving.

1. Vacations

Christmas break is coming up soon. What’s more interesting than listening to all the fun vacations everyone will be going on soon?

2. How Much You’ve Grown

“Oh my gosh! You’ve gotten so big!” said everyone in your family. Thanks guys. We get it I’m bigger than I was last year. What are you going to tell me next, how much more acne I have this year?

3. How Old Your Grandparents Feel

Every year grandparents are absolutely amazed at how old each grandchild is. They are always making those obvious comments about how you entered high school two years ago and you are no longer that little baby spitting up everywhere.

“Oh my gosh! You’ve gotten so big!”

— Everyone in your family


4. How Good The Food Is

Everyone knows that the holidays are all about food so, how can it not be a popular conversation topic? I mean seriously, there are so many options everyone likes at least one of the food options.

5. Sports

For everyone who plays a fall sport, family members love to hear about how your team did in playoffs and just the season in general. Talking about all the goals you scored or great things you accomplished is always a family favorite.

That venison was something else…yum, very average.

— You faking it

6. Careers

It seems like there is a very small group of high schoolers who actually know what they want to be when they grow up, but that never seems to bother family members. Everyone’s go-to question seems to be about careers and futures.

7. Love Life

While it’s one of the more awkward topics for a family member to bring up while surrounded by your parents and siblings, talking about your love life is an unavoidable complication of any big dinner. It is impossible to want to stay at the dinner table for more than two seconds when your grandma randomly singles you out asking a million questions about your new relationship.

Is there a man in your life? How about a woman? Maybe a dog? Goldfish?

— That one aunt

8. Grades

Nobody ever wants to discuss their grades over a family dinner table filled with Ivy league scholars expecting you to have straight A’s. Not only that but it’s break, come on, can I just have a BREAK from school?

9. Weight

Isn’t it the worst when your crazy aunt tries to create small talk about a cousin that looks like they’ve had more than just one Thanksgiving dinner per year? This is an awkward situation for more than just you when you notice the cousin just overheard the conversation while tipping a whip cream bottle upside down waiting to squirt it into their mouth for a pre-dessert snack.

10. Politics 

There is always something to talk about regarding politics. Especially this year having a new president in office, everyone will have their opinions on that. This should make this year’s Thanksgiving a lot more interesting than the rest.