Remembering Alec Lawrenz


We, as a Knight Errant staff, remember Alec Lawrenz as one of our own: a writer, videographer, and friend. When Alec was a sophomore, he created videos that captured the spirit of the Red Knight community. This past year Alec jumped at the opportunity to write music reviews, featuring local artists as well as big names like Coldplay and David Bowie. Alec was a loyal friend who held strong convictions and dedicated himself to the things he cared about.

As a Red Knight, Alec was active in the BSM community, participating in theatre, Alpine ski, Knight Errant, and History Club. Outside of school, he was the lead vocalist of two bands, which were known throughout our community: Astro Bandits and Highcroft. We will miss Alec dearly and will always remember him in the BSM community.

In honor of Alec, his family has requested to remember him by donating to the Alec Lawrenz Scholarship Fund. During this time of grieving and loss, we send our prayers out to Alec’s family, friends, and classmates.  

BSM Film Studies
Cedric Lawrenz
Ana Vigil