Girls hockey shrugs off slow start with nice wins, close losses


Senior Crystal Sorem skates up ice towards the goal in a recent game.

The BSM girls hockey team ended with a losing season last year, but this year they intend to change that.  This year, with more intense practices and a trainer for speed and strength, they’re on their way to success.  Also, with the help of the amazing coaches and senior captains Anna Degiulio, Julia Stelljes, and Sydney Simone, they hope to make it to State.

This year the hockey team has gained four new players, and all of them are freshmen. According to captain Julia Stelljes, the new players are a great addition.  “The team is well experienced, and the new additions are great to the team.  The new players were Grace Juckiness, Kate Hancuch, and Maria D,” Stelljes said.  

To prepare for the season, the girls have trained all on their own.  “The team has a summer ice schedule, but doesn’t include dryland like most other programs,” Julia said.

The coaches have also been a real big help in training the girls.  “We have three coaches–three great coaches.  Coach Dave Herbst oversees the staff, and they all have great hockey experience and knowledge,” Stelljes said.  

As far as the competition, this year’s opponents are tough, but the players think this will help them with improving how they play together and will put their skills to the test.  “Our schedule this season is tough, but for a good purpose.  It will test our ability to be able to play with other teams.  Other teams think we have lost our BSM touch, but that is not true; we look to prove people wrong this year.  Our team effort this year is going to be key,” Stelljes said.

Their main goal for this season is to head back to State.  “Our obvious mission is to head back [to] State, but in order for that to happen we have to prove people wrong, and show we can compete and hang in there with the top teams.  We will reach this goal [with] teamwork–we can’t rely on the big dangles or a one-person effort,” Stelljes said.

In order for the girls to reach the goals that they want to accomplish, players will need to step up and give 100% in every single game.  “Crystal Sorem will need to put home multiple goals this year, Anna DeGuilio came up big last year in the key games like Maple Grove, but we also look to have that same fire for those big games for every game in general.  Amanda Nylander [is] only a sophomore, but with big potential. Sydney Simone already contributes goals, but we will need her defensive side to help keep pucks out of the net,” Stelljes said.

BSM girls hockey started considerably earlier than the other winter sports teams, having already played four games, going 1-3 in the span.  They posted their first win of the season on Tuesday, November 17, with a 2-1 win over Holy Family Catholic/Waconia Wild Fire.