Mari Larsen: Digital Art

May 27, 2015

One of Mari Larson's beautiful digital portraits.

Meghan Ortizcazarin

One of Mari Larson’s beautiful digital portraits.

Knight Errant: How long have you done this type of art?
Mari Larsen: Since freshman year.

KE: Why did you start/what got you into this type of art?
ML: When I was in 4th grade I really liked Pokemon and I started drawing them on the computer.

KE: What inspires you?
ML: Color palettes and really well filmed movies with good cinematography

KE: Is art a hobby or more to you?
ML: I am going to art school for college so it’s more than a hobby.

KE: What’s your favorite piece you’ve made?
ML: My favorite piece changes constantly, so I can’t just choose one.

KE: What are you working on right now?
ML: I just finished a piece for class, so I’m in between projects right now. I’ll start on something when I actually have a solid idea. I just finished a digital portrait of a girl with ridiculously long hair. I wanted to practice movement and shading so her hair’s blowing everywhere and oddly colored. It was fun messing around with all of the different things you can do with painting on Photoshop.

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