Drama department starts performances of “Urinetown”

“Urinetown” will have more showings on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (photo courtesy of Joe Blake)

This year’s spring musical, “Urinetown,” is a unique show that explores important messages through the use of humor and satire. “Don’t be deterred by the title; it’s about a lot more than just pee,” sophomore and cast member Leo Driessen said.

Don’t be deterred by the title; it’s about a lot more than just pee.

— Sophomore cast member Leo Driessen

“Urinetown” is a show about a huge corporation, named “Urine Good Company,” that begins to control the townspeople’s ability to use the restroom as a result of a drought. “The people of the town get fed up, and begin a rebellion against the company,” Driessen said.

For Driessen, the most exciting thing about this year’s musical is the talent of the cast as a whole. “We’re really strong as a cast and I’m looking forward to performing with my friends and sharing our story with the audience,” Driessen said.

Sophomore and cast member Grace Gyolai is equally as impressed with talent, especially because of the difficulty of performing the show. “The music is very technical, yet the cast can sing this really hard music and still sound good,” Gyolai said.

In connection with the plot of the show, the BSM Drama Department has decided to collect donations for water.org, an organization that is seeking to bring safe water to Africa, South Asia, and Central America. Donations will go towards the organization, and donations will be collected during concessions.