After spring training in Florida, softball team ready for season


Kate Brask

The softball team is poised for success after spending their spring break on the field in Florida.

As the spring sports season approaches, the BSM girls’ softball team is excited to get back out on the field and compete this year. The team is mainly comprised of a seasoned senior core. “The seniors provide leadership and experience that really helps the team to succeed,” senior captain Christine Lager said.

Some members of the team are so dedicated that they chose to spend their spring break in Florida training for the season. “It is a great way to bond with my teammates before the season starts while having some fun. We get an extra week of games and scrimmages in before most other teams,” senior captain Jocelyn Puhl said.

“Florida is the perfect opportunity to get all the imperfections out before the real games start. We are also in a more competitive conference this year, Florida will help us be more competitive. We may not be able to outshine them in talent but we can outsmart them by making less errors,” Puhl said.

With the team’s senior leadership and their abundance of young talent, the girls’ softball team will be a force to be reckoned with once the season starts. “We as a team have worked hard in the off season with dome ball and gym space trying to get as many at bats and fielding time, to up our game. Everyone has worked hard but Abby Mead is definitely worth watching, she only played a one or two games last year and has great potential to be an asset to our team,” Puhl said.

The captains this season are seniors Maddie Houlihan, Christine Lager, Jocelyn Puhl, and Lizzie Huether. “As captains, we are responsible for motivating our teammates and leading by example. We also help the coaches with practice and organize activities.” Lager said.

Like any sport they have things to work on both individually and as a team. “As a team we need to be more cohesive and learn to work together better, we can still have individual goals but the focus needs to more on the team,” Lager said.