Whole Foods


If the sole purpose of your grocery store endeavor is to buy snack food (while you have a full wallet), Whole Foods is the better of the two. The warehouse-style height of the store makes room for maximized shelf space and a huge assortment of snack foods from organic chips made from soybeans, to hand-milked goat cheese. Seriously, Whole Foods has an entire department of artisanal cheese just waiting to be spread on a wooden board with some flavorless crackers and helpers to determine whether your palette is best suited for gruyere or brie. They also sell the little Babybel cheese wheels for your low-key nights alone.

Whole Foods always pushes the envelope in the sample game. By offering a daily staple of guacamole and warm helpings from the seafood counter, shopping at Whole Foods also entails a small cosmopolitan meal.

Sitting right in the middle of the store is a watering hole of beauty products to occupy you while someone else continues to find everything on The List. Take heed and beware this home-goods pit that sits in the heart of Whole Foods. Filled with aromatic organic soaps and earth friendly skin care products, it will suck you into its depths and separate you from your pack. Still, it is fun to venture into when your gaurdian is loitering at the deli counter.