Thanksgiving Day Style Guide


Kendel Malcolm

BSM students flaunt their Thanksgiving outfits.

Leggings with an Oversized Sweater

When it comes to being comfortable while eating loads of food, stretchy leggings are a girl’s best friend. Pair an oversized sweater or a patterned and colorful fall tunic with leggings to keep the style simple and sophisticated. Pair the outfit with tall brown leather boots to finish off the look.

Sweater Dress

This outfit is perfect for anyone going to a Thanksgiving party or who simply wants to dress up a little for the big day. With temperatures dropping, the sweater material of the dress will keep anyone warm. The material and style of the dress will also permeate an autumn vibe to everyone who sees it. Pick a dress that is easy to move in as comfort is essential after eating. If the dress is in need of a little something extra, wear a belt or a scarf for a pop of color.

Peplum Top or Dress

Peplum shirts or dresses are perfect for Thanksgiving. After eating piles of mashed potatoes and pounds of turkey, the pleated, sturdy waist of a peplum styled outfit will hide any bloating and bulging that the meal may have caused. Fall colors such as brown, red, and orange are always a good option for Thanksgiving day. A peplum top is perfect for either a small or large Thanksgiving get-together.

Harem Pants

Harem pants, with its loose fitting and hipster look, work for anyone who wants to pull off an outfit that is unique and chic at any Thanksgiving meal. Keep the colors dark and neutral for an autumn feel rather than a summer vibe. Paired with a tight-fitting solid top and a scarf or big necklace will put the outfit together perfectly.


For those who prefer to dress more J.Crew than Urban Outfitters, a blazer over a chic dress will ensure a put-together Thanksgiving look. Choose a deep colored blazer, such as eggplant or navy and match it with a simple striped dress to match. Add one large statement necklace to put a little personality into the outfit.

Sweater and Plaid Shirt

The popular ensemble of a plaid shirt over a sweater will give off a prepster Thanksgiving look. Either go with a neutral sweater and a colorful plaid shirt, or a neutral plaid shirt and a colorful fall sweater. Pair with a cute skirt or pair of jeans depending on the level of dress attire at the Thanksgiving meal. Boots work perfectly with this outfit and adding cute bracelets or a watch can really spice up the look.