Craft making options abound in the Twin Cities

From painting pottery pieces and crocheting blankets to assembling jewelry and taking painting classes, the Twin Cities offers endless options to express creativity or to even just get a little messy.


Taylor Blad

Paint your plate provides a fun and colorful environment for guest to realease their creativity and enjoy painting a unique pottery piece.

Fired Up
Tucked away in a spacious warehouse near the University of Minnesota, Fired Up, the pottery creation shop, provides a sculpting experience unlike any other. Potters of all skill levels, including newcomers, are all welcome to visit and create their own works of art with optional instruction. Their most popular class, Clay Date, is held for couples, families, or a group of friends who want to experience the creation of cool art together. Not only is this great for bonding, but Fired Up is fabulous for a birthday party or even a mom who needs a hands-on activity with her children on a rainy Saturday. The process is simple: create your work of art out of clay, leave your product at Fired Up, and the staff will fire it, glaze it, and call a few days later when the art is ready for pickup. Choose from a wide variety of pottery pieces and colorful glazes and get creative.

Glass Endeavors
A unique store, fun passing time, and a welcoming learning environment, Glass Endeavors in Minneapolis provides the full experience of creating glass objects without the mess and stress. For those more experienced in glass creation, tools to create your own glass pieces at home are available for sale, as well as premium pre-made glass objects. Glass Endeavors welcomes all ages to use the open stations and to utilize aid from the expertise staff while creating their own masterpieces. They hold classes about staining types of glass including plates and also offer beginner courses where people can create jewelry, copper mobiles and leaded windows. Not only do they hold classes, but they also hold their own annual stained glass art show full of breathtaking pieces created and entered by any artist. They have a contest with their art show in which the best ones are voted and awarded at a reception following the show. Classes cost between $45-$175 depending on the length and type of course, but open hours cost $10 per person for a minimum of 2 hours.

Paint Your Plate
Beautifully painted murals cover the inside walls, while painted figurines and pots are scattered around the quaint Paint Your Plate shop, located in Edina and St. Paul. Bring a group of friends any day from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. and enjoy beverages and snacks while getting creative. They have many items one can paint and add a personal touch to, whether it’s a bowl, plate, tile, coffee mug or a dog bowl made just for one’s pet. Offering an exclusive party room with artfully painted walls and creative decorations, one is sure to be inspired to create. Paint Your Plate is a perfect place to bring friends to relax and have fun while creating a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.

Michael’s has plenty of options to express creativity and try out different forms of arts and crafts. Classes are created so everyone can take part, so one doesn’t have to be an experienced crafter to participate. Learn how to decorate pastry projects in beautiful detail, become an expert in acrylic painting, or pick up some scrapbooking skills in their paper crafting class. The popular arts and crafts store has times that can easily be fit into one’s schedule by signing up online. Michael’s even offers how-to videos for crafters to enjoy on their own time. Offering endless options for creativity, Michael’s will give everyone the tools they need to release their inner artist.

Bead Monkey
Bead Monkey draws in customers with its bright red sign and happy monkey. Recently relocated to 50th and Penn Avenue, Bead Monkey offers customers a unique way to express their personalities through making their own jewelry. Offering classes for groups or individuals, or simply letting customers customize their own jewelry, Bead Monkey can be a casual shopping experience or a fun party idea. Handmade jewelry at Bead Monkey can serve as a heartfelt gift for a loved one while jewelry-making classes enhance artisanal skills. With options for bridal showers, kids’ parties, and corporate events, Bead Monkey will accommodate for any group. Customers can wander throughout the bright and open space and choose from a wide selection of beads and the kind of jewlery they want to make. Store hours are from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays.

The Brush Studio
The Brush Studio, tucked away in the shops at West End in St. Louis Park, provides an easy and entertaining way to paint. They offer specific classes in which a concept of painting is taught and participants may add their own twist or stick to the exact form of the instructor. Their studio provides a comfortable and homey feel from the instructors’ helpfulness and a customer’s drive to not only learn and improve, but from their passion for creativity too. The Brush Studio offers open classes that can one can drop in at their own time for $25, which includes the canvas, paint brush, and other materials if necessary. For events similar to birthday parties or even for amusing free time with friends, Brush Studio reserves their space, providing paint equipment, food, beverages, a fun instructor, and music for an enjoyable time. To reserve events or a canvas at open paint, check out their website for more information. Brush Studio is sure to bring the best experience possible in a relaxed environment, creating memories to last a lifetime.