Select class will not be offered next year due to low enrollment

The BSM administration has finalized the classes that will be offered for the 2014-2015 school year, along with enrollment figures and courses that will be cut from the program of studies.

Only one proposed course will not be taught next year, and that is “The Writer and Her Work,” a class that focuses on great novels written by women and the achievements they’ve accrued. The class will not be offered next school year due to low enrollment.

“Non-Fiction Blended Online” enrollment is down compared to last year, but the first-year blended online array of math classes are remaining popular amongst students. “Blended online math classes are going good, it allows students the option to self-pace. These classes will stick around into the future,” Senior High Principal Dr. Sue Skinner said.

As for the classes that have become more popular among students, enrollment numbers for Forensic Science have soared for the 2014-2015 school year, along with theology class Christian Vocations and the entire Business suite of courses. Immigrant Literature is also “going strong, and will for sure have enough students to run next year,” Dr. Skinner said.

Course changes are permitted up until the end of the school year, and a guidance counselor must be seen in order to make a change.