St. Olaf theatre group perform for Latin students

Yesterday, the St. Olaf College Department of Classics visited BSM to put on the performance of Miles Gloriosus the Braggart Soldier. Written by Titus Maccius Plautus, a famous Greek playwright, this play takes place on the street of a Greek city on the coast of Asia Minor. Although the performance is centered on Greek citizens customs, the characters speak Latin, giving insight to ancient culture through the main character, Pyrgopolynices.

The actors in this play were student volunteers from St. Olaf College; not all had majors or experience with Latin and with theater. This play is a light comedy with a simple plot, it is mostly focused on the singing of the actors and the puns within the script. “It was fun. The students will benefit from seeing a comedic performance that did a good job getting the spirit and the tone of Plautus’s comedies across, along with audience interaction,” Latin teacher Mr. Rob Epler said.