Dads get spooky at Father Daughter Dance

This past Friday, senior high girls and their fathers crowded into a ballroom at the Airport Hilton Minneapolis to enjoy dinner and a dance with other dads and daughters. The large group was treated to a dinner of either salmon or pasta, and spent the rest of the night rocking out to classics such as Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” and Billy Joel’s “Piano Man.”

A popular feature of the annual night is the senior dads’ dance, in which they act out a skit and dance. This year, the theme was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” with the dads performing a choreographed dance to the song and dressing up as zombies. The senior daughters followed with a dance of their own to a medley of songs, one of which was the recently explosive “Timber” by Pitbull and Ke$ha. The senior girls, though slightly embarrassed, loved their dads’ rendition of the Michael Jackson classic. “It was hilarious, tears were streaming down my face when I saw Maddie Moore’s dad dressed in a cut up wedding dress. Their dancing was too good; I had a side ache from laughing so hard,” senior Madeline Wertz said.