Inspired by nature, senior pursues independent painting

Kohler pursues painting not only for the sake of herself, but also for those who are often too occupied in reality (picture: “Peaceful Bridge”).

Senior Allie Kohler is a phenomenal painter who used many resources that BSM has to offer to get where she is today. Starting with Introduction to Art, Kohler has completed all the prerequisite painting classes and worked her way to AP Studio 2D painting.

Currently not involved in any art classes, Kohler continues to paint independently outside of BSM. In any free time, she utilizes painting to relax and genuinely express her mind. “[Painting] allows me to be as creative as I can [because it has] no boundaries. I can create a different world, and I can go back to it any time just by looking at the painting. I can also bring others to that world with me,” said Kohler.

Among various painting styles and techniques, Kohler usually prefers acrylic because it dries the quickest and lets her keep moving and finish before she loses interest in the artwork. She also used it to paint her favorite piece: Lavender Valley. “I sometimes do watercolor, but acrylic is my favorite. I like [Lavender Valley] because it depicts this peaceful, tranquil, sublime place that I would love to go to in real life, but sometimes it can only exist in a painting,” said Kohler.

Inspired mostly by the natural world, Kohler pursues painting not only for the sake of herself, but also for those who are often too occupied in reality. “Our world is drifting farther and farther away from it every day. I try to capture the majestic beauty in my paintings and preserve it for the future. It also shows people today what they may be missing, and possibly they will get closer to nature after viewing one of my pieces,” said Kohler.

In addition to her interest in nature, Kohler also relates music into her painting sessions. “When I did a picture of Lil Wayne, I listened to his music so his style would flow through me and into the painting, to make it look like him–and feel like him. But 99% of my paintings are of nature or are somehow nature-related. So I’m almost always listening to country music, because it’s usually about nature too–cornfields, dirt roads, and hunting,” said Kohler.

At such a young age she has discovered and produced so much art, and she will continue this path throughout her life. To check out her work go to her website.