Behind the scenes of BSM’s most recent State Champions

BSM’s Knightettes practiced their routine for months, all leading up to the state tournament.

One of the first phases of preparing for the meet, the dance team adds large amounts of gel along with numerous bobby pins and hairspray in order to keep their hair fixed during the performance. They also use a bun form and hair net to make sure nothing falls out.

The girls arrive at BSM around 6:30 AM, and once everyone arrives they get picked up by a bus. After a nerve-racking bus ride the team arrives to the competition, walking in in a single file line with headphones plugged in and wearing matching warm-ups.

The team is directed to their room and put their bags down. Then, they go to the mark. Marking is when each team goes to the floor where they will perform for three minutes. During this process, the dancers usually run through the dance, check formations, and go through anything thats a little off so that their later performance is perfect.

After the marking the team goes back to their room for the make-up. The dancers use various cosmetics of mascara, eye shadow, fake eyelashes, blush, and many colorful lipsticks. Some girls do their own or have the managers help prepare for the stage.

After the team gathers and stretches, it’s their time to get in the zone. The girls put their costumes on, stand in a circle, and listen to the song they will dance too. This helps them visualize each part of the dance. The team walks down to the area where they will be dancing, they are then stationed in the hole, on deck, or walking onto the floor. While waiting for their turn the knightettes stretch, huddle up, and try to calm their nerves.

Before going on the floor, the dancers pray their team prayer. The coaches give them a peptalk and do their p-a-r-t-y cheer, which is a crazy fun cheer that the girls do to get pumped up. The ones who are going to dance huddle calm their nerves and get pumped up. The girls line up in first formation and walk out onto the floor.

Once they are finished performing, the girls go back to their room and say their favorite moment of the performance. Then, they are called out onto the floor for awards.