After blizzard, BSM calls off school due to snow

With the considerable snowfall Minnesota received within the last 24 hours, the BSM Administration decided to cancel school for Friday, February 21. As students awaited the verdict from the BSM Administration, many were fretting the potentially treacherous drive to school on the slippery highways.

There are a number of BSM students that are fairly inexperienced drivers in these kinds of conditions; therefore, there were certainly concerns for the safety of students if they had ventured out early this morning. With having online school since BSM is closed today, students were left with mixed feelings. “I’m concerned I won’t be able to get out of my driveway, let alone drive on these horrible roads where I can’t always see the ice. I just hope my horn works if my brakes give out,” sophomore Sarah Randall said.

Even the upperclassmen held concerns about dangers of today’s possible commute to school. “I personally don’t know if my car will make it there.  I’ll either have to beg my dad to let me drive his big car or bravely face the dreaded snowy traffic, knowing that there’s a very good chance I get stuck in the middle of the highway or at any stop light. Whatever the case is, I would definitely prefer that my car stays safe in its garage during this weather,” senior Megan Katapodis said.

According to Dr. Skinner, the process behind cancelling school due to excessive snow is keeping an eye on the current weather conditions as well as the predicted conditions.  Due to the fact that the snowfall is supposed to stop overnight, Dr. Skinner believes that will give the snowplows plenty of time to clear the roads, ensuring a more manageable commute to school tomorrow morning. “I am expecting that we will have school tomorrow,” Dr. Skinner said.

Kare 11 has reported that yesterday’s heavy snowfall left 20,000 customers without power because of the strain the precipitation put on the power lines. In addition to the loss of power, this brutal weather created extremely dangerous conditions on roads across the state, resulting in the closing of of multiple highways. Many schools across the state were delayed or closed today due to the danger of this morning’s commute.

As temperatures dropped and road conditions worsened overnight, the BSM Administration decided to cancel school for Friday, February 21. This left many students relieved as they no longer had to venture out onto the slippery highways for their commute to school, risking various car-related issues. “I’m so relieved that I didn’t have to drive on the highways that weren’t plowed very well this morning,” Randall said.