BSM closed yet again due to extreme cold

Following three previous days of cancellation due to far below freezing temperatures and wind chills, the BSM administration has opted to cancel school twice more.

Students rejoiced as yet more days of school were cancelled on Monday, January 27 and Tuesday, January 28 after BSM cancelled three days of schools earlier in the year on January 6, 7, and 23 due to extreme cold weather conditions.

The weather this winter has been some of the coldest Minnesota has seen in recent years, and in order for schools to take appropriate safety measures, many saw it necessary to close on these days. These closings are generally set into action when the temperature is -20 or below, or wind chills are predicted to be -35.

Worries from teachers have been brought up about the potential problems that could be caused by yet another day of school being cancelled. The BSM administration decided that the best plan was to continue coursework with online classes. “Missing face to face instructional time is difficult for students and teachers. We have a plan in place for students to do work remotely on Monday which will help move the curriculum forward,” Dr. Sue Skinner, BSM’s Principal, said.

Students now will be in school on Friday instead of Monday despite the original schedule. “Because of the number of days we have been closed this month, we will be in session this Friday, January 31. We had originally planned a faculty/staff retreat day, which will be cancelled,” Dr. Skinner said.

Because of the number of days school has been closed due to cold weather, teachers are facing obstacles. “Teachers have been working very hard to make appropriate adjustments to the curriculum. One teacher even held online office hours last week to help her students stay on track,” Dr. Skinner said.