Lasallian creditors visit for final evaluation


Dasia Davenport

The Lasallian creditors spent their mealtime at BSM in a luncheon with several students.

As BSM continues in their effort to re-affiliate themselves with the Lasallian Education, final visits have been made to finish the evaluation of the school. Brother Mark Snodgrass, the assistant visitor for the Midwest Lasallian School District, Dr. Scott Cier, the Superintendent of the Midwest District, Luanne Ty, from Cretin Derham Hall, and Doug Bosh, from Holy Family, visited BSM February 6 and 7. Previous to this visit, BSM created a self-evaluation to address the strengths and weaknesses of the school.

The guests came to either agree or disagree with BSM’s self-evaluation. At a Mission Council Meeting scheduled to take place in March, the Midwest Lasallian School district will formally vote on whether or not BSM should be affiliated with the Midwest District based on these visits and assessments.

The visitors were looking to specifically evaluate our holistic academics, commitment to community, commitment to the poor and vulnerable, depths of our diversity, and our connection with the Lasallian and greater church community. “The biggest benefit will be that we are formally associated with a larger, international network of Catholic educators who are committed to excellent education, serving the poor and vulnerable in a special way specifically for education, that call to community. They are people who are committed to just this work,” Ms. Holly Hoey Germann, Vice President of Faith Formation and theology teacher, said.

It’s extremely fitting that BSM searches to connect with its Lasallian roots as the 40th anniversary rolls around. One of the three original founders of BSM was the Christian Brothers, who were part of the Lasallian organization.

This re-affiliation will benefit the faculty, staff, and students. BSM will join a network of schools across the world who are dedicated, Catholic educators, to further increase the outreach BSM strives for in the Catholic Community. “It ultimately connects us to our roots, and enhances our Catholic Identity,”  Mrs. Hoey Germann said.