Valentines Couples

juniors Jackie and Mark
juniors Jackie and Mark

Jackie Lawyer and Mark Falls
Knight Errant: How did you guys meet?
Jackie Lawyer: We were lab partners in seventh grade and he dated my best friend.

KE: How long have you been dating?
Mark Falls: Kinda June. [finger counts] Eight months.

KE: How did you ask her out?
MF: We walked around Harriet, sat on the beach and I asked her.
JL: I said yes, then the next day I said no…. Then revisited the subject in June

KE: What is your favorite and least favorite quality about each other?
JL: Favorite: he’s best friends with Aidan [O’Driscoll] he also has some faux-hawk action going on, it’s excellent. But for the least favorite, he steals my mittens on a regular basis, and then gave them back to me as a Christmas present.
MF: She’s friends with Maddy [Karlen], and she has curly hair. Least favorite…. I can’t understand her vocabulary. It’s too big for me.

KE: What’s the worst date you’ve ever been on?
MF: Worst date we’ve ever been on? I don’t know, do we do dates?
JL: Mark fell into the water when we went kayaking and he had to go to work right after so he had to borrow my brother’s underwear and socks…awkward.
MF: No comment.

KE: If you could compare your relationship to a celebrity couple, who would you be and why?
MF: Obviously Rapunzel and Flynn Rider.
JL: It’s true, Flynn’s smolder was actually inspired by Mark.
MF: Yeah, and Jackie’s hair is a hot mess.

KE: Do you have any plans for Valentine’s day?
JL: I get to sit and watch his hockey game that he isn’t even actually playing in.
MF: It’s going to be a good time

KE: What are your opinions about their prior girlfriends/boyfriends?
JL: How many are we talking about here?
MF: Five? Six? Let’s go with five
JL: That’s excessive.
MF: …and I could totally take Matt [Arnason] in a fight.

KE: Do your parents like him/her?
MF: My parents like Jackie more than me.
JL: They think he’s a loveable idiot. But, mostly an idiot.

KE: You both have big brothers. Do they intimidate you?
MF: Only on the lacrosse field.
JL: I’m pretty sure I intimidate Sam [Falls] (Mark’s brother).


seniors Eric and Sarah

Sarah Hoesley and Eric Stanley
Knight Errant: How did you meet?
Sarah Hoesley: Freshman year Ms. Lanes class

KE: How did you ask her out?
Eric Stanley: I emailed her brother asking for permission and CC’d her

KE: Favorite and least favorite quality about the other?
SH: He always sleeps, like always. My favorite thing about him I really like his dog.
ES: She’s fun to hang out with. Least favorite: she’s always right, and I hate being wrong

KE: What celebrity couple do you see yourself as?
SH: Kim and Kanye

KE: What do your parents think of the other?
SH: My mom likes him because he does my chores for me.
ES: My parents like Sarah, but she only comes for dinner.

KE: Best date? Worst date?
SH: Worst was Valentines Day last year. I told him I would get reservations but I didn’t, so we went to a really bad restaurant. Best date was when he flew me out to Hawaii for the day.
ES: Best this homeless guy chased our car. Worst when we study together for finals she stresses out for me because I wait until the last minute and she will help me with my work and we both end up freaking out.

KE: Do you like the each others friends?
SH: Yeah, except James.
ES: Yeah I do.


juniors Natalie and Will with teacher Sister Jeanne
juniors Natalie and Will with teacher Sister Jeanne

Natalie Chevalier and Will Tucker
Knight Errant: How did you guys first meet?
Will Tucker: APUSH
Natalie Chevalier: We worked on a project together on President Madison

KE: What is the most awkward thing that has happened on a date with you guys?
WT: Sister Jean thought that we were holding hands during APUSH and called us out on it and we just weren’t!
NC: I just wanted to die it was so awkard.

KE: What Celebrity does Natalie remind you of?
WT: Ah, Katnis I guess
KE: What Celebrity does Will remind you of?
NC: Dan Humprey from Gossip Girl because of his hair and his academic pursuits.

KE: Do you enjoy going to watch Natalie at her dance competitions?
WT: So much oh my gosh it’s probably a passion of mine.

KE: How does will act around your parents?
NC: He is always super polite and funny! They really enjoy his company!

KE: How would you describe each other’s style?
NC: Preppy to the max, Brooks Brothers.
WT: Athletic?

KE: What is your favorite thing about each other?
WT: Her eyes.
NC: His dimples.

KE: Do you guys have any plans for Valentines day this year?
NC: I have dance team state so I will be spending it with my teammates rather than him, but we will probably do a makeup valentine’s day.
WT: And I will be there watching.

KE: What is Natalies biggest pet peeve?
WT: Starting to tell her something and not telling her
KE: What is Will’s biggest pet peeve?
NC: When I try to drive.


seniors Andrea and Mikey
seniors Andrea and Mikey

Mikey McGill and Andrea Luse
Knight Errant: When did you guys start dating?
Mikey McGill: My birthday.
Andrea Luse: That would’ve been kind of a bad birthday if I would’ve said no. We were studying for a test together and then he just asked me to be his girlfriend.

KE: How long have you guys been dating?
AL: A year and a couple of months. Three I think? Dang.. that’s a really long time.
MM: October 29th, 2013
AL: Oh sad! We missed our one year and four month anniversary.
MM: We always miss our month-anniversaries.

KE: What’s your favorite thing about him?
AL: [laughs] He’s really funny.
MM: She always laughs, especially at her own jokes.
KE: What does he do that’s funny?
AL: Um…. I don’t want to be really cheesy but whenever I’m sad or mad he can always make me laugh.
KE: is there one thing he always does that’s super funny?
AL: It’s funny when he sings super obnoxiously to girly songs in the car.

KE: Where is your favorite place to go on dates?
AL: We’re kind of a laid back couple and so we like to just hang out and watch movies, but every once in a while it’s fun to dress up and go to dinner.

KE: If you could compare him to any animal what would it be?
AL: An ostrich
KE: Why?
AL: Oh I don’t know. Just because.
MM: A goose because she’s ‘luseygoose’ or a koala.
AL: A lot of people say I look like a chipmunk
MM: Oh yeah I can see that

KE: What was your first impression of each other?
MM: Umm.. Do you want the truthful one? I’m not trynna get soft here.
AL: Sophomore year, I didn’t really know him that well because I was new, but during lacrosse I saw that he played baseball, and I thought that was really hot. After that I started having a huge crush on him.