Admissions department faces changes with employee shifts

Starting at the beginning of second semester, a new enrollment system was introduced to BSM due to a change in employees. Current Admissions Director Kate Leahy Emmel’s last day at BSM was on Friday, December 20, and her position broke into two separate jobs at the beginning of the new year.

A lot of my friends are here. We are like a family.

— Kate Leahy-Emmel

Mrs. Emmel, the former admissions director of BSM, left her position in order to seek her next professional step. Mrs. Emmel began her story at BSM, graduating in 1996 and spending the last seven years in the field of admissions, her most recent five years being at BSM. “A lot of my friends are here,” Mrs. Emmel said. “We are like a family.”

As a BSM alumni, Mrs Emmel can recall several good and fun memories from her days at BSM, her fondest being of when she performed as a member of the dance team, even competing at state and winning fourth her senior year. She also shone on stage as a member of the drama department, most notably playing the role of Mary Magdalene in Godspell. As a faculty member, she says that her favorite memory was traveling abroad with students.“The trip to Guatemala in the summer of 2008 was a highlight. I loved being able to see the world with the awesome faculty and students,” Mrs. Emmel said.

Mrs. Emmel was sad to be leaving BSM but is excited to take the next professional step in her career. She is looking to work at a catholic college like University of St. Thomas or St. Johns University, focusing her occupational efforts on a career in Student Services at the college she decides to work for.

Kathy Dillon, current BSM parent of junior Annie Dillon, is the new Admissions Director for the senior high, while current Associate Director of Enrollment Management Ms. Hamill became the Junior High Enrollment Manager. Because there is now both a Senior High and Junior High Enrollment Manager, each director will be able to focus on their specific area. “Each person will be responsible for their own strategic plan and budget. They will manage their own visitors,” Mrs. Emmel said.

The job of Admissions Director comes with many duties. “I am in charge of Senior High Admissions and work with Kate Hamill who is in charge of Junior High Admissions. We arrange student visits, give parents tours, organize open houses, handle all applications, accept students, and take phone calls and emails from parents with questions,” Mrs. Dillon said.

Seeing as both current and future students are not affected by the change in enrollment modification, the transition was smooth. “It should not affect the current students; other than that the student ambassadors in the high school now work with Mrs. Dillon instead of Mrs. Hamill,” Mrs. Emmel said.

There was no issue when it came to the transition for Mrs. Dillon considering she has been walking the halls since her first child attended BSM. “It has been great. It helped that I have been a parent here since 2000,” Mrs. Dillon said.

Some may imagine that working at the same school as your child may be unusual, but Mrs. Dillon says otherwise. “It has been great. She never has to see me. We come to school together, and we rarely bump into each other during the day,” Mrs. Dillon said.