From culture to sculptures, experience the Twin Cities museum experience


Keenan Schember

While presenting abstract and modern art, the Walker Art Museum’s structure impresses eyes with geometric glass formations and dynamic aluminum mesh.

Located off West Kellogg Boulevard in St. Paul, the Minnesota Science Museum provides an abundant amount of educational amusement for all ages. With nine permanent exhibits and one featured exhibit, there are endless sights to see, including the cell lab. This display is a hands-on learning experience that lends participants dress-up lab coats and gloves to examine cheek cells and stain DNA from fruit flies. During January and February, the Omnitheater at the museum is hosting an annual event called Omnnifest, which is a festival featuring a series of five awe striking movies. Omnitheater tickets plus regular admission tickets are on sale for non-members at a package price of $20.00 for adults and $17.00 for seniors. Sure to get the whole family involved, the Minnesota Science Museum provides pleasurable experiences for each and every visitor.

Swedish Culture:
Unlike any other museum in the Twin Cities, the American Swedish Institute features a unique presentation of culture, presenting the Swedish Heritage. Each art exhibit showcases historical lives of the Swedish people while also revealing present day traditions. One special exhibit, called Papercut arrives at the end of January and shows through the end of May; it highlights the incredible skills of Karen Bit Vejle. She created an entire gallery by cutting thin paper with a minuscule scissors to create complex designs. Besides the artwork galleries, the museum also contains a Swedish café, a library with works in both the Swedish and English language, and a theatre. They offer workshop classes for all ages with a variety of skills like woodcarving and learning the Swedish language. Admission for visitors looking for an entertaining cultural experience is at a low price of $9 for adults and $5 for students.

Art Institute:
Each year, more than half of a million people visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts to experience the inspiring art and culture. With a total of 83,000 works of art and pieces from a span of 5,000 years, there is never a dull section of the museum. Not only does the museum display seven superb galleries, but they also offer teen studio classes, lectures, a first class library, an Adventure program for children and even free admission. They include both modern pieces and classic pieces from acclaimed artists like Vincent van Gogh. Their mission is to inspire and inform guests on the past, present, and future culture from around the world with rooms designated to featuring time periods such as 18th century France or the American Colonial period. Whether one is just seeking an adventure or is an art fanatic, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts offers a free and unforgettable experience.

The Minnesota History Museum aims to share the significant history of Minnesota and the great events that got our state to where it is today. Until the middle of March, they are hosting a spotlight exhibit on the Prohibition era, which showcases more than 100 artifacts and interactive displays like music, films, and even a video game that stimulates the chase of a so called “rumrunner.” The museum also have five ongoing exhibits that all contain interactive displays like crafts and dancing. Along with the impressive exhibits, the museum has a library full of informational and entertaining history books. Taking guests back in time in an ideal location near the Science Museum, the Minnesota History Museum is a gem waiting to be experienced. Go enjoy the hands-on exhibits, movie clips, various artifacts, and fascitinating facts for the reasonable prices of $6 for children and $11 for adults.

Walker Art:
Abstract and extremely contemporary, the Walker Art Museum brings a distinctive perspective to art. With three permanent displays and one temporary rotating one, there are many diverse works of art to see. Sculpture, paintings, and photographs that are unlike any other classic works of art, can be found at the Walker. In fact, the building itself looks like a modern piece of art with geometric glass formations and dynamic aluminum mesh. On February 15th, the museum is hosting artist, Jim Hodges, who will be lecturing on his works of contemporary music and composition. Admission tickets to the museum are $12 for adults and $8 for students. Located by the charming Uptown and with affortable admission, the Walker Art Museum is sure to offer a different contemporary experience for all who visit.