New PR Director assumes multiple responsibilities


Audrey Jewett

Ms. Mary Rausch has taken on the position of PR Director, with her responsibilities including running the school website, managing the video screens, and helping the alumni relations department with the Crown & Shield magazine.

With all of the recent changes in faculty and staff, it’s hard to keep track of who’s working where. One of the newest members to the every-varying BSM community is director of marketing and communications, Ms. Mary Rausch.

Switching jobs is never an easy task, but Ms. Rausch’s undertaking of marketing jobs at places like the University of St. Thomas, The Marsh, and various medical device companies in the past has made the transition to BSM a lot easier to tackle. “I’ve been doing marketing and communications work for a long time so just the day-to-day things [at BSM] that are involved in that are probably the easiest part of the job so far,” Ms. Rausch said.

As a director of marketing and communications, Ms. Rausch will be doing all of the advertising to help recruit students, managing the school website, controlling the video screens throughout the building, and handling the budget. All of these responsibilities can be a lot to handle at times, especially if they are as new as she is.

Even with her endless list of responsibilities, she’s excited to be here. “I’m really committed to faith-based education and the importance of that in developing students for the real world so for me, it’s really a labor of love. I feel so strongly about it that it’s an easy thing to promote and one of the reasons why I applied to this job when it opened up. I think this is really my calling and what I need to do in my life,” Ms. Rausch said.