Grand Theft Auto V is violent, vulgar, but fun


GTA press photo

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been consistently met with criticism due to its violent nature.

Within three days of its release, Grand Theft Auto V had already surpassed the $1 billion mark. Meanwhile, teenagers spent countless hours in front of televisions, and parents worried about the moral consequences of arguably the most violent, vulgar, and vile game of the year. There’s no question that it raises a moral dilemma, but there’s also no question that people like it – and for good reason.

Simply put, this game is awesome. As this is a Catholic school newspaper, the specific violent and immoral acts that a player can perpetrate won’t be specified. Stealing cars, robbing gas stations, and pulling off high-stakes jewelry heists are on the mild end of the criminal spectrum that players can commit, and it just gets worse…or more fun, depending on who is asked.

The game follows three characters, Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, as they embark on a wild journey of crime in the fictional city of Los Santos. LS is in the hills and bears striking resemblance with California city, Los Angeles. In a way, the game is a nihilistic satire on the western world. Poking fun at social media, reality TV, plastic surgery, and other atrocities in the U.S., GTA V has a relatable and humorous twist.

However at its core, GTA V is just another violent, blood-ridden game that appeals to teenagers. Weapon choices range from golf clubs to Carbine rifles, and anything in between. With new features, such as weapon noise, it becomes easier to get away with crimes than in the previous games. If a cop isn’t in range of the specific weapon’s noise, then nothing is reported.

Though most of the gameplay takes place in Los Santos, the map is much larger than just the urban environment. There are forests, deserts, small towns, and mountains that are all available to roam. The entire world map resembles a similar size to massive cities like London, Toronto, and San Francisco, so with dozens of square miles to torment and explore, it’s pretty much impossible to run out of things to do.

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One great aspect of the game is the soundtrack, an element that isn’t highlighted enough in video games. Tracks vary from country music to hip-hop, all played through the radio in the cars. There are also talk radio stations, which show off GTA’s satirical take on society. Artists like A$AP Rocky and Kendrick Lamar are highlighted on Radio Los Santos, the main rap station, while Tupac and Snoop Dogg feature on West Coast Classic Radio. There’s nothing better than joyriding around Los Santos bumping A$AP, while running red lights and crashing every 30 seconds.

Grand Theft Auto V also allows gamers to truly immerse themselves into the culture and world of Los Santos more than any GTA game before. Players can play the stock markets, own businesses, and purchase land all with money earned through various activities. Think of it as The Sims meets Call of Duty.

The gameplay is much like the other Grand Theft Auto games, being a third-person shooter. There are more cars and weapons, and the auto-aim system helps lock onto targets quite easily when equipped with a gun. There is a diverse variety of missions, including stealing fighter jets and committing jewelry heists. While all are entertaining, the constant criminal activities can begin to feel a bit repetitive.

Overall, GTA V is definitely one of – if not the – best games of the year. With the endless activities, and insane gameplay, the series’ fifth edition is the best yet. Morally, the game is a violent, sexualized, crazy world of its own, but that’s what makes it so fun.