Rant: Disabled Google chat

Julia Vogl, Submitter

The chat feature on Google Docs is now disabled for BSM School accounts. Without any warning. Um, excuse me, what? I can understand why the “need” for it to be banned would arise, with non-school related chats and cyber bullying always afoot, but the chat functions for Google Docs are incredibly useful for school work. I use it all the time to review and edit my friends’ papers, to work with others on group projects, to help others or get help with homework, to even just confirm information and share links – and that’s not even all the SCHOOL-RELATED things I use it for. Losing the ability to chat over school accounts on Google Docs isn’t just inconvenient, it’s obstructive. So, in the nicest way I can say it, please, put it back. I think you’ve limited the Internet enough as is.