Student band gets big break with plans for album and local gigs


Giulia Imholte

Junior Lars Oslund, one of the three members of Falling From Friday, wrote the band’s first single “Stepping Out.”

Jackie Lawyer, Staff Writer

Falling From Friday’s band members, juniors Lars Oslund and JJ Monroe, along with freshman Jackson Catton, recently launched what many expect to be a promising career. Currently the band is recording a five song extended play album (half of a regular album) and performed at The Garage in Burnsville on February 8.

The first song released off their album was called “Stepping Out” sung by vocalist Catton. ““[An EP] is how most bands debut these days. “If you like Incubus then you’ll really like Jackson’s voice,” Oslund said.

The band chose to release “Stepping Out,” their first song together because they felt it best represented their sound. The song was written three years ago by Oslund before Falling From Friday came together, however the other two band members put their fingerprints on the song to create the group’s trademark vibe.

The song displays the emotions racing through the minds of those who have been cheated on. “We think the sound and the lyrics are really relatable to our audience and that’s what gets people to listen—when they can relate to it. The title actually came from a ‘Drake and Josh’ episode where the little sister’s boyfriend was said to be ‘stepping out,’” Osland said.

Because they’re being so careful about what they’re recording, they plan on releasing about a song a month for their first EP. “We’ve been working really hard writing our songs, the writing process has been so much longer than any other bands we associate with but we’re really pleased with the outcome,” Monroe said.

The band recorded “Stepping Out” with Schwappach Audio by recommendation of a different band. They had heard that band’s debut album and were extremely impressed with the way it turned out. “It’s not a cheap quality. It’ll be like a song you hear on the radio,” Monroe said.

With the release of their first song, the band wants to promote their music in a positive way and entices fellow alternative rock listeners to want to hear more. “It’s a powerful song and it flows well,” Oslund said.