First snow day in recent years causes week’s schedule to be altered

Giulia Imholte, Online Editor-in-Chief

With one of the worst storms Minnesota has seen all winter passing through the Twin Cities’ then night of March 4, the BSM school administration declared a snow day for Tuesday, March 5, the first in at least six years. Senior High Principal Dr. Sue Skinner contacted St. Louis Park bus services and the local news before 6 a.m. to notify students and parents, but the administration also took extra precaution by calling all Red Knight families and emailing students.

“I watched the news at 10 o’clock just to see the weather report, and I was so worried about it I couldn’t sleep so I got up at three in the morning. It was clear to me that it would just be too dangerous for kids to drive, the amount of snow and the fact that it was still snowing,” Dr. Skinner said.

However, today’s snow day also caused changes to this week’s already altered schedule. Underclassmen registration was supposed to take place this morning, but has been pushed back to Friday, March 8, still allowing the senior class to have a late start. “Friday is basically the day that was supposed to happen today,” Dr. Skinner said.

Students will attend their odd hour classes on Friday’s block day and their even hour classes on Wednesday because of the Lenten prayer service. “The reason why we have to leave Thursday alone is that we have the priests coming for reconciliation, so we didn’t want to mess with that,” Dr. Skinner said.