Technology Specialist takes a job in the St. Paul Public Schools


Ava Azadegan

Mrs. Jessica McMahon helps junior Zoe Cave with her computer at the help desk.

Christine Silikowski, Staff Writer

Jessica McMahon, junior high Latin teacher and technology specialist, will be leaving the BSM community after this week for a new job in the St. Paul Public Schools. On March first, she will leaving to become an Academic Innovation and Technology Integration Specialist. “March first is my last day, I got a job opportunity to work in St. Paul Public Schools,” Mrs. McMahon said.

This job provides Mrs. McMahon to help greater amount of people, and is a an opportunity for her to develop new skills. “I will be working at the district level, meaning I will not be working at a St. Paul Public School,” Mrs. McMahon said.

Starting with a fresh group of people, Mrs. McMahon will be helping those who have not used technology as much as the BSM community. “They are at the beginning of technology use and it’s kind of habit here at BSM; its a new thing there so it will be fun and interesting to be on the front use of technology there,” Mrs. McMahon said.

Mrs. McMahon will be returning to St. Paul, where she grew up and will be missed by the BSM community. “It’s hard to lose a friend, especially someone who knows so much about what’s going on, she is someone I always ask for help from. I have worked with her for 12 years so it will be very hard to say goodbye,” junior high English and American Experience teacher, and Technology Integration Assistant, Mr. Dan Sylvester said.