Two swimmers move on to State meet

Adam Bilski, Staff Writer

Two swimmers qualified for the state swimming meet where they will take on the fastest and strongest high school swimmers at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center this weekend. The prelim round is on Friday, March 1, establishing a top 16 to return to the finals on Saturday, March 2.

Sophomore Kyle Johnson qualified during sections last week for the 100 backstroke. His time currently places him in the 14th seed. Swimming for seven years now, Johnson is focused and ready to participate in one of the biggest meets of his life. “I’ve been doing a lot of technique and relaxed swimming to get ready and feel good,” Johnson said.

The overall experience of swimming at the U of M Aquatic Center is what drives the excitement of this meet. “It’s a lot to take in and [the pool is] really open. There’s a 22-foot diving well that’s a warm up pool. It’s a really cool place to be at because so many fast people have swum there before,” Johnson said.

Joining Johnson at the meet is his senior teammate Alex Roe who will be swimming the 50 freestyle. Roe swam the 50 freestyle in 22.5 seconds at sections, flirting with the school record of 22.3 seconds. Currently he sits in the 14th seed hoping to make it back to finals. Technique is not so much of an issue in this quick sprint. “It’s all about spaztic control,” Coach Damon Carrison said.

Swimming a full lap in 22 seconds causes serious exhaustion but Roe has a mind set to get him past the feeling of drowning. “I tell myself that I don’t have to breath, and I can just breath when I’m done,” Roe said.