Relics of St. Benilde enter the community


Chris Bell

A bone fragment is placed in the Chapel of St. Benilde with certificates of authenticity.

Aidan O'Driscoll, Staff Writer

Part of a member of a Benilde-St. Margaret’s founder has arrived at school, a bone fragment of St. Benilde has made its way to BSM from DeLaSalle Catholic High School in Minneapolis. St. Benilde, a Christian Brother and our school namesake, will make a valuable addition to the student body.

The Christian Brothers founded Benilde High School before the church canonized Benilde as a saint. BSM’s three charisms are the basis of our founding. DeLaSalle asked after former president Brother Michael Collins passed away. “We have ordered a display case to keep them in, which will go in the chapel. They were also sent with the original paperwork from the Vatican verifying their authenticity.” Vice President of Faith Formation, Ms. Holly Hoey-Germann said.

During the middle ages, relics were common, but nowadays they are rare and BSM is one of the few communities to have them. “It’s wonderful that the Christian Brothers reached out to us and offered for us to have these relics for our school community,” President Dr. Bob Tift said.