Ruzzle app quickly becomes popular

Jason Kang, Staff Writer

Developed by social game company Zynga the app Ruzzle tops the chart as 2013’s first breakout game. Attracting over 15 million downloads, Ruzzle offers a fast-paced, interactive game where a player must find as many words as possible to stack up points in two minutes against his/her opponent. In order to win, a player must secure two of three rounds in a match.

Available on all iPhones as well as iPads and other mobile devices, Ruzzle provides an option to take on Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and random opponents. The game, however, almost looks as same as Scramble with Friends, which came out almost a year ago. By enhancing sound, animations, and additional features such as practice and bonus pieces, Ruzzle already looks like the app of the year.