Speaker visits Students for Human Life meeting


Chris Bell

The Students for Human Life club sat in on a lecture about stem cell research and cloning with a representative from Minnesota Citizens Concerned with Life.

Mary Pat Ross, Staff Writer

On Thursday of this week Paul Stark, a representative from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, informed Students for Human Life members on the issues of cloning and stem cell research in a brief lecture before school.

Stark gave students background information and a scientific explanation of both cloning and stem cell research. Later in his presentation, he went on to explain the morality of the issues.

This is not the first time the club has joined forces with MCCL on pro-life issues. “We worked with them last year when we had the school sign petitions for the bill [regarding abortion] that we tried to pass. This year, we emailed them like two months ago to see if someone could come and speak to us. A few weeks ago they responded and we set up this date,” club Commissioner Elle Scott said.

The students in the club have been looking forward to the speakers visit. The speaker offered an opportunity for the students to further their knowledge in lesser-known pro-life issues. “We hope they will gain a greater understanding of the life issues behind these two topics, because they aren’t as well known as maybe abortion or the death penalty. We hope to have some good discussion about why human cloning and embryonic stem cell research go against our beliefs as the Students for Human Life club,” Scott said.

The students and advisors of the club appreciate being able to join forces with an organization that has such a big impact. “They’re an awesome organization. We love working with them. I hope the students come away with a better understanding of the issues and feel empowered to take action,” club Advisor, Mr. Zach Zeckser said.