Mrs. Teyssier to fill teaching spot in junior high

Adam Bilski, Staff Writer

Mrs. Tracy Teyssier filled the spot of former junior high science teacher Mr. Jeff Hartwick on October 29. Taking on five classes, Mrs. Teyssier began teaching this week. “The students are polite and smiling. I find it a really respective place to work,” Mrs. Teyssier said.

With the welcoming students and faculty here, and her favorite color being red, the new teacher knows she is in the right place. “I’m in heaven here,” Mrs. Teyssier said.

Originally from England, Mrs. Teyssier came to Minnesota 28 years ago. She attended high school at Southwest, got her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Minnesota and her Master’s Degree at the University of St. Thomas. “I wouldn’t mind getting a science club together,” Mrs. Teyssier said.