Laptops fixed before warranties expire


Ava Azadegan

The help desk has been taking away students’ laptops for short periods of time in order to fix them before the warranties expire in December.

Sarah Karels, Staff Writer

For several weeks now, the help desk has been flooded with laptops taken from students during their math or science classes in order to fix them before the warranties are up in December. “We’re getting the serial numbers off of them and then seeing what can be replaced that Apple will pay for. So we are looking for the cracks on hinges and things like that,” said Jessica McMahon, junior high Latin teacher and technology specialist. “For the junior high we did it in science classes and we took their laptops over the long weekend of conferences,” Ms. McMahon said. “In the high school we are doing them during math classes just for the school day so that we don’t need to take the laptops away for longer.”