Student band, Falling From Friday, prepares first album


Giulia Imholte

Juniors Lars Oslund and JJ Monroe are two of three members in Falling From Friday, their alternative band that is prepping their first album, searching for success in the music industry.

Abby Plouff and Kathryn Browne

Currently in the process of producing their debut album, the melodic alternative band Falling From Friday strives to achieve success in the music industry. The band members, Benilde-St. Margaret’s juniors Lars Oslund, JJ Monroe, and Main Street Performing Arts School junior Jackson Catton, expect to release their album in 2013. The album will contain about five songs and will provide listeners with a preview of the strong emotions captured by their music. The album’s name is yet to be determined, but the band plans to record it at Schwappach Audio in St. Paul.

Currently, the band is in the writing process for their first album, creating new songs and even re-creating some of their old material. After a year of playing together, the band has matured greatly. “Since we’ve been playing together, we’ve all gotten more creative. We thought we had [all of the writing] finalized but then we realized this could be so much better,” said Oslund.

In addition to taking music lessons in their respective instruments, the band members meet once or twice a week to work on writing and practicing their material. “Right now, we have five songs, and we run through them a couple times and fix parts that need to be fixed,” said Monroe.

Although landing multiple gigs through Oslund’s guitar teacher and their band manager, Darragh Cutter, the band understands the difficulty of scheduling live performances. “It’s all about the connections. When trying to get gigs, you have to start small and work up. Playing smaller shows can eventually build up to larger shows and can even make opening up for a bigger band a possibility,” Catton said.

While working on their album, the band began the difficult search for a vocalist for their tracks. From demanding teens to a 48-year-old man who responded to an ad on Craigslist, the auditioners varied. “We went through a lot of people, about eight, in a year, but we couldn’t find someone,” Monroe said.

After a long, stressful search, the band came to the realization that Monroe and Catton could be the vocalists for Falling From Friday. “We ended up just going through so many vocalists that we decided that Jackson and I would be good vocalists,” said Monroe.

The title of the band, Falling From Friday, was inspired by Lars’ relationship with his girlfriend. “When I started dating my girlfriend, everything that happened that was significant before we became official happened on a Friday. It’s kind of sappy,” Oslund said.