Admissions introduces a new open house format

Laura Lyon, Staff Writer

With five added daytime open houses, Benilde St. Margaret’s hopes to give families a chance to see the school in action. BSM is offering open houses from 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. to give students the opportunity to see what a school day is really like.

Students are able to pre-register for the open houses or register as they arrive, and each open house has about 19-40 students. “We’ll know more about how many students to expect after we go through the year with this new format,” Director of Admissions Ms. Kate Leahy said.

Students from many schools attend these open houses. “For today’s open house, we had students from Our Lady of Grace, Sacred Heart, St. Hubert’s, FAIR School, as well as Eden Prairie and Maple Grove public schools,” Mrs. Leahy said.

The students begin their day in the library with Dr. Bob Tift, followed by a tour through the school led by admissions, administrators, and some Link Crew Leaders. Groups are allowed to stop in the ACS labs and observe other classrooms from the hallway.

After the tour, a question and answer session is held in the library with different departments such as athletics, diversity, college counseling, technology, and the learning specialists.