Barbara Coloroso speaks to students, faculty, parents


Megan Beh

Students from all grades heard from speaker Barabara Coloroso on the topic of bullying, part of BSM’s effort to keep students aware of this problem during Bullying Awareness month.

Will Jarvis, Staff Writer

On Wednesday Oct. 3, Barbara Coloroso, a well-known speaker who performs lectures on bullying, came to the Great Hall to speak to students from all grades.

The BSM administration chose Mrs. Coloroso, who has appeared on Oprah, CBS, NBC, CNN, and NPR, to come speak to students, teachers, and parents this year because of her approach to the subject, and vast experience on the topic. “We really like the way she presents this issue,” said Sr. High Principal Dr. Sue Skinner.

Every couple of years, the school brings in a speaker to discuss bullying with students, giving them an insight to the topic. “We bring in speakers who can share a particular message. Any teacher can get up say the same stuff that’s from [Barbara Coloroso’s] book, but when you hear it right from the expert, she’s studied this her entire professional career, and to hear right from her adds a level of credibility.” Dr. Skinner said.

Mrs. Coloroso also conveys her message by engaging with students and getting them involved in the discussion. This included bringing up siblings, and groups of students to act out and display different types of bullying, and identify the differences between “teasing” and “taunting,” allowing students to see first-hand types of bullying.

Along with bringing in speakers, BSM is taking a stand against bullying by integrating a “bully hotline,” that students can call if they feel there is an issue with bullying. This will be done without revealing any names, hopefully making students feel comfortable when dealing with heavy situations. “When students want to report [bullying], they can do it anonymously,” Dr. Skinner said.