EA Sports’ NHL 13 is a worthwhile franchise edition

Will Jarvis, Staff Writer

On September 11, NHL 13 was released as the twenty-second installment of EA Sports’ hockey video game franchise, filling the void that the real NHL lockout has left. With new game modes such as “NHL Moments Live” and “GM Connected,” it builds on NHL 12, and creates the best edition of the series yet.

Jumping right into the game, as always with previous editions, players can compete with friends or the computer, start their own season, or create a team, but the new game modes prove to be the most entertaining and engaging.

One of the coolest add-ons is the “NHL Moments Live” game mode. Players can relive some of the best moments from the 2011-12 NHL season, and even play as legends such as Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux. Plus, once the 2012-13 season gets under way (if it ever does), EA Sports will automatically upload new moments to relive as the season moves on. One disappointing element about this is that while players can compete as Gretzky, they are still surrounded by the current NHL rosters. The NHL Moments live was still enjoyable although the mixing of current and old rosters is confusing.

Another new game mode, GM Connected, allows players to connect with their friends online, and play in a multiplayer dynasty. By creating their own league, users can invite friends to join and compete in games.There can be up to 750 players in a league and players can act as the commissioner, but their decisions affect everyone in the league so they might end up with a lockout like current commissioner Bettman.

Like every year though, the physics engine seems to change. This is quite annoying at first, but after playing for countless hours, the game becomes much easier and enjoyable. Certain actions like checking, deking, skating full speed, and making quick turns, and while this can be annoying for the casual player, a hardcore NHL gamer can find the appreciation for this new system. skating have been modified for this new addition to the series. EA Sports’ “True Performance Skating” makes the skating motions and moves much more realistic.

The EA Sports NHL franchise has continued its dynasty by making the best sports game this year. And even though this game has some flaws, they are minor and it’s still a fantastic game with long lasting appeal. So for the NHL junkies, these games are always must-buys, but even for the casual player, I’d give this one a shot (no pun intended).