Joseph Sutton


Katie Cashman, Opinions Editor

Ask Joe Sutton about the family of squirrels that lives in his yard. Appar- ently they’re out to get him, so Joe must spend his days on the porch, hunting them down with a bebe gun. This story just exempli- fies Joe: one goofy kid. Any- one who knows him will say that “Juice” makes any situation into an unforgettable experience.

Few people know that the Sutton family is quite extensive. Joe sits in the middle of ten kids, some adopted and some not. They are a close- knit family who do almost everything together from eating to watching movies to traveling the country. Joe has visited every state except Alaska, Maine, and Massachusetts. The last family trip they took was to Chicago for spring break, but Joe’s favorite state is Florida. “There’s a beach, you can play with dolphins, and of course, there’s Disney World,” said Sutton.

Mrs. Sutton, as one can imagine, gets pretty busy between her job and taking care of ten kids, so Joe often cooks for the family—he makes a killer lasagna. Joe’s father is a preacher at Minneapolis Believers In Christ Church, which the whole family attends every weekend. Mr. Sut- ton’s profession inspires Joe and has impacted his life. “My dad has helped me get understanding on God and faith,” said Sutton.

Another man that has impacted Joe is his uncle, who is a professional speaker and comedian. Joseph, himself, has already begun his comedy career, performing at various churches around Minneapolis and Chicago. To get a taste of the humor of “Juice” check out his YouTube channel, ‘MrJuice2124.’

After four years at Benilde-St. Margaret’s, Joe has be- come a three sport varsity athlete and almost every teacher’s favorite jokester. Joe has played football, played basketball and ran track all four years of high school. “Football has been my favorite because of the great fans, the fun coaches and lots of cheering which makes me happy to be a Red Knight,” said Sutton.

His football career won’t end this year, as Joe plans to play for the University of Missouri, after spending one year bulking up and training at Northwestern College in St. Paul. Joe wants to study television production and radio in order to become a standup comedian.

When Joe is not playing sports, dancing, making jokes or hunting squirrels, he enjoys going to the Mall of Amer- ica. Why you might ask? “I like to window shop or go to Nickelodeon Universe with friends or my brother. I love the Timmy Turner Ride,” said Sutton.