Señor Groebner says adios, leaves for principal job at OLG

Señor Groebner says adios, leaves for principal job at OLG

Sophomore Sam Letscher and junior Emma Lysne get Spanish help from Mr. Groebner during class.

Chloe Kennedy, Staff Writer

Mr. Adam Groebner, a Spanish teacher who came to Benilde-St.Margarets in 2011 from Our Lady of Grace and known for his festive outfits on dress up days, announced that he will not be returning to BSM next year, but will go back to OLG in Edina as the Assistant Principal.

The position opened up in early January, and by March, Mr. Groebner was hired. “I’ll definitely miss my students and even those that aren’t my students. The students here have a very fun energy that makes each day exciting, new, and easy. I’m going to miss my co-workers—especially the World Language Department. I will miss the community feel. It’s a great community,” said Mr. Groebner.

Groebner is sad to be stepping out of the classroom full time but looks forward to the wide range of skills he will be able to use as Assistant Principal. “I will be working a lot with curriculum, a lot of with organizing and issuing standardized tests. I will be doing some work with behavior discipline and conduct…It’ll be different,” said Mr. Groebner

Having taught two years of Spanish at OLG before beginning at BSM, Mr. Groebner is no stranger to the Our Lady of Grace staff and students. “I think that I’ll be good [for OLG] because I’ll be able to lend my talents to a variety of things, and I just hope to be as involved as I can with the students. I think that as long as I have just a little bit of teaching, I’ll be happy,” said Mr. Groebner.

Mr. Groebner is grateful for the time he’s had at BSM and hopes to take his experiences as a high school teacher and modify them for OLG. “Its been good to see something from a little different perspective. No two schools do things exactly the same, and I think it’ll be good to return [to OLG] just having a fresh perspective and knowing a different system,” said Mr. Groebner.

Along with this new job has come lots of new training. “I spent the day [at OLG] working with the current Assistant Principal to help transition, and I’ll meet with her a few more times. Then this summer, I’m going to start a Master’s in educational leadership at the University of Notre Dame to help me get ready,” said Mr. Groebner.