Twin Cities Golf hosts tournament for Jablonski

Brian Tobelmann, Staff Writer

The first ever golf tournament in Minnesota in January was held at Creeks Bend Golf Course and raised more than $2,000 for the Jack Jablonski Trust Fund on Tuesday, January 10, just ten days after sophomore Jack Jablonski’s paralyzing injury in a hockey game.

Kevin Unterreiner, part of, organized the fundraiser for Jablonski. “I thought of the idea at my daughter’s hockey game at Eden Prairie while all the parents were talking about ways we could help Jack,” said Unterreiner.

The tournament was planned in just 48 hours and was such a popular event, it sold out in just a day. “We posted in on [our website] on Sunday and it was sold out the next day at noon, we had to turn away nearly 200 golfers,” said Unterreiner.

For those that missed this tournament or were turned away, there will be another golf tournament in June to again raise more money for the Jablonski family. “I’m not directly organizing the one in June, but I am helping to promote and find sponsors to help the organizers,” said Unterreiner.