Hill Murray president drops off check for Jablonski

Maddy Kennedy, Fashion Editor

In a small, informal meeting at BSM on Jan. 11, Hill-Murray President Dr. Sue Paul met with long-time friend and BSM Principal, Dr. Sue Skinner to drop off a $17,000 check for the Jack Jablonski Trust Fund from the Hill-Murray community. “This has been a neat opportunity for kids to learn about faith and hope, but the kids are teaching us a lot too,” said Dr. Paul.

The Jack Jablonski incident was originally brought to the attention of Hill-Murray Assistant Principal Kelly Barbato early last week by a student, and was spread to other Catholic Schools in the area. “I contacted ten other schools in the area. Over half of them got back to me and said they would do something for Jack and his family,” said Barbato.

Two days after receiving news of the severity of Jablonski’s incident, the faculty, staff, and student body of Hill-Murray managed to raise the money in the matter of a few days.

The check also came with an intricately decorated card, designed my Hill-Murray student Mary Rumpca, and was signed with encouraging messages of strength and positivity signed by almost all of the school’s 770 students.