Next Common Basket to be dedicated to Jablonski

Chloe Kennedy, Staff Writer

Because of the overwhelming support for paralyzed sophomore Jack Jablonski, the next Common Basket on Feb. 1 will go to the Jack Jablonski Fund. “We like the Common Basket to be important and relevant to the students, [and] we just knew that right now Jack’s fund is what’s important to students,” said Ms. Lisa Lenhart-Murphy, service learning coordinator.

The theology department has agreed to host the Common Basket, although their approach to informing the student body is still undecided. “We would also want to support all the student efforts, but there’s just too many to keep up with,” said Mrs. Lenhart-Murphy.

Mrs. Lenhart-Murphy encourages anyone who has an idea regarding the basket to get in touch with her. “We really want a dedicated group of three or four kids to help out with this, especially the classroom activities,” said Mrs. Lenhart-Murphy.

The common Basket was originally going to help out women and develop small business in Burkina. BSM discovered this project throught Bridget Roby, daughter of guidance counselor, Fran Roby. Bridget graduated in 2006 and now works in Burkina helping with women’s employment and education. This Common Basket, along with many others will get pushed to a different date.