Christmas Common Basket was a success

Chloe Kennedy, Staff Writer

Presents and prayers have been collected, blessed, and sent to the families, but the generosity keeps coming for the Christmas Common Basket. Mary Beth Liekhus recently received a thank you card from a parent grateful that BSM helped out their friends during this hard time, ending the card with a simple, “You can’t out give God,” and a $100 dollar bill, asking that it go to one of the Common Basket families.

“All the gifts were given out [but], we found a family in the community who was in the greatest need, and we were able to give it to them,” said Liekhus.

There were also seven recent graduates who wanted to contribute because they missed Common Basket so much. “As you know, the basket is over…We helped out 42 families and still managed to find one more,” said Mrs.Liekhus, who delivered baskets to two single moms in need.

And the recipients are extremely grateful for BSM’s great contributions. Mrs. Liekhus said Mrs. Zeckser, who helped with the deliveries, saw the stress melt right off the mom and puddle at her feet just knowing that Christmas was taken care of.

The junior high had their usual separate basket collecting hats and mittens for a parish in need. “They were just thrilled, just thrilled. I remember one kid saying, ‘This is all for us?!’ You know they’re just hats and mittens, but they still got so excited,” said Liekhus.

BSM isn’t even close to seeing the end of these families’ gratitude and, said Mrs. Liekhus, we can expect thank you cards to start pouring in during the next couple of weeks.