Mr. Sbertoli steps up as new Physical Education teacher


Ruby Ford, Staff Writer

Diving head-first into the BSM physical education and wellness programs, new teacher Mr. Joe Sbertoli has taken on six freshman gym classes, four wellness classes and open gym. As a result of a mid-year faculty shift, Mr. Sbertoli has taken over Mr. Jeff Fix’s position in the physical education and wellness program now that Mr. Fix is teaching in the history department.

Being a teacher in a new environment can have its difficulties––especially when starting in the middle of the school year––but Mr. Sbertoli adjusted easily. “It has been great, all of the faculty at BSM has been very helpful answering all [of] my questions, making me feel welcome and showing me around the facility. It’s been a really simple transition for me, and I have felt comfortable right off the bat,” said Mr. Sbertoli.

Mr. Sbertoli’s passion for physical education for students shows, and he knows that BSM will be a good fit for him to do what he loves. “I have known since I was in high school that this was the job I wanted to do. I wanted to pursue a career where I would wake up and enjoy going to work,” said Mr. Sbertoli.

Mr. Sbertoli already possesses experience in teaching due to an internship at the University of Minnesota as well as experience teaching at Rosemont High School. “I am looking forward to teaching classes that are more fitness focused…I really enjoy teaching classes like that,” said Mr. Sbertoli.

Completely enthusiastic toward his new position, Mr. Sbertoli’s positive attitude will allow him to help out in the new and developing wellness program. “I am looking forward to intense team sports so that I can participate and get intense. It seems that BSM has a lot of opportunities for students, and I will be excited to teach any of them,” said Mr. Sbertoli.

Catering to the needs of many high school students could be considered a challenge because so many different interests and dispositions are present. “I am most excited about getting to know the different personalities of the students. When I see a person coming into my class, they sometimes are the opposite of what I first anticipated. It’s really awesome,” said Mr. Sbertoli.

The teacher-student bond is very important in the success of both the teacher and the student as both rely on the other for success and learning. “[I like] watching students enjoy and get involved in different activities in class, especially when it’s something new they haven’t tried before. I get a lot of enjoyment in physical activities, and I feel good when my students share that feeling,” said Mr. Sbertoli.