“My Horse” for kids who never got that pony they wanted

My Horse for kids who never got that pony they wanted

Jen Vogl, Copy Editor

I never got a pony as a child, no matter how much I begged or pleaded. Unfortunately, my parents never liked my idea of burning down our neighbor’s houses to build a stable. Thankfully, for both my wishes and my neighbor’s homes, NaturalMotion has developed an app known as “My Horse” for iPhone and iPad. “My Horse” allows the user to own their very own virtual quarter horse. Users can feed and care for their horse, and as they progress through the levels by being good horseowners, new options become available for caring for the horse and earning money. Users can also enter their horse in competitions, where they tap a button at the right time so that the horse can jump over obstacles. As more money is gained, the player can buy new horses or even a zebra. The game quickly becomes addicting for people who love to micromanage. However, sometimes there can be bugs where the game doesn’t recognize all of the points that the user has earned in competitions, or tack sometimes mysteriously loses its point value. Also, in order to complete all of the tasks for the stablehand, Facebook connectivity is required, which can get very embarrassing to explain to your friends. All in all, though, “My Horse” is an essential app for the horse lover.