Rocky Horror Picture Show to show at Uptown Theater on Halloween


RHPS will show at midnight at the Uptown Theater on Halloween––come prepared.

Lauren Effertz, Staff Writer

Many teens are faced with a conundrum of what to do on Halloween once too old for trick-or-treating. Hosting/attending parties or going to a haunted house are good stand-bys, but another option presents itself for those brave enough to head into Uptown Minneapolis at midnight: the annual midnight screening of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

The cult classic, adapted from a British rock play and originally released in 1975, has become a rite of passage and Halloween tradition for many teens. A parody of the B-movie horror and science fiction films of the 1940s-70s, “RHPS” has a seriously bizarre, but entertaining plot.

Many viewers choose to dress up as characters from the film–– those who don’t dress up stand out, so doing research about costumes is a must before attending the screening to get an idea of what to wear. Audiences also perform the choreography to the song “Time Warp,” so check out the video of the dance to enjoy full participation in the fun.

Audiences at “RHPS” do more than just dress up and dance. Over the years, other traditions including certain props and “call backs” have become an integral part of the “RHPS” experience.

To avoid being forced to suffer a night of hazing, bring a bag with a water gun, newspaper, playing cards, rice, and toilet paper to the theater for use throughout the screening, and research the appropriate times to use the props and yell certain “call backs” at the screen.

During the opening scene, viewers will spray others with squirt guns while some cover their heads with newspaper. The toilet paper is thrown at the screen whenever Dr. Frank-n-Furter says, “Great Scott!”

“Call backs” have become scripted over the years, and if viewers say the wrong thing or yell too early, they can be subjected to boos and sneers for the rest of night. Different cities have different call backs, so viewers have to to look at the script for their city. Many sites have full versions of the “RHPS” screenplay with call backs included for reference.

“RPHS” is rated R and will screen at the Uptown Theater in Minneapolis at midnight on Halloween.