Juniors form in-house baseball team

Reilly Dillon, staff writer

Dreams of summer consist of spending countless hours on the lake or laying out by the pool to catch some rays. Fifteen junior boys, however, plan on spending their summer days playing for a recently created in-house Wayzata baseball team called the Pirates.

“Pirates, take your battle stations!” yelled junior Pirate Johnny Mulvahill, as his team took the field for the first time. Mulvahill and fellow junior Alec Anderson got the ball rolling for their team by ordering hats, finding outstanding coaches––Will Nelson and Sam Anderson––and getting an extension from the commissioner of the league so their players had time to sign up. “Only 15 players were given the prestigious spot on the Pirates roster. However, for those who were not so fortunate to make the team, we offered them positions as designated cooks and Tweeters,” said Mulvahill.

Although the team is comprised of a diverse selection of varsity football, hockey, and lacrosse players, most of the boys have little to no prior baseball experience. “We all excel in other sports, but for many of us, this will be the first time stepping on a baseball diamond. It should be an interesting and exhilarating experience,” said junior Pirate Edward Nelson.

Due to the 10-run rule––stating that a game will immediately end if a single team scores ten runs––the Pirates’ first game ended early with a devastating loss to the Padres. “It was a devastating loss. We realized that we have a lot to work on,” said junior Pirate Jack Naughtin.

With a strong fan base developing, including cooks and Tweeters to support them, the Pirates hope to pick up the slack from their first game and bring the heat for the rest of the season. “We were rusty at first, but now that we have shaken off the rust, watch out world, the Pirates are coming,” said junior Pirate Mike Mahoney.