Andrew Eagan


Katie Karlen, staff writer

On the surface, Andrew Eagan resembles the typical high school senior––he likes pizza, Fruchis, bacon, and caramel. However, most students don’t know about Eagan’s generous spirit. Eagan devotes himself to donating his time and talents to fund cancer research, as a form of support for his mother while she continues to battle breast cancer.

Eagan is an active member in BSM’s Student Against Cancer group and an annual participant and team captain in Relay For Life. Eagan also leads a 150 member team in Race for the Cure, an annual fundraiser against breast cancer. But very few people know about these activities––Eagan is a very humble person.

To Eagan, fighting cancer is more than just a hobby or something to add to college resumes: Andrew has personal experience with the grief cancer brings, and he fights to prevent others from having to experience the same through his fundraising. “Fundraising is the key to our success of finding a cure one day. Every dollar raised is an investment in my eyes, because farther down the road, lives will be saved and hopefully no one will ever have to go through what any cancer patient has gone through,” said Eagan.

Eagan is driven by one honest motive in raising money for cancer research. “Knowing that you can put an end to a disease that has touched so many motivates me everyday,” said Eagan, “no one person can do everything, but as a community we can support those who have battled cancer and who are battling cancer now, and never forget those who have lost their battle.”

Eagan was formally recognized for his generous personality at BSM’s annual spring awards ceremony an received the Phillip Stephen Campus Ministry Award from Mr. Mike Jeremiah, the kindness and generosity, as well overall essence of Eagan, was rightfully brought to light in front of an audience.

While Mr. J was honored with presenting the Phillip Stephen Campus Ministry Award to Eagan, Mr. J later summed up Eagan’s outstanding personality in a few honest words. “Andrew is a genuine kid, there’s not a phony bone in his body,” said Mr. J, “he is humble and always willing to be of service and help––he would do anything for anybody.”

On a day to day basis, Eagan leaves an impression on many of his peers. “Eagan is the type of person you can just walk up to and strike up a conversation with. He’s nice and fun to be around,” said Chris Nagel. Even people who just barely know him have nothing but good things to say. “I don’t know him super well, but he’s a fantastic kid with a great beard,” said Tanner Speltz.

Eagan will be attending St. Thomas University next fall, and all of us hope that his future college community knows just how lucky they will be to have Eagan’s honest kindness on campus for the next four years.