Students and teachers compete in twelfth annual Knowledge Bowl

Karen Valde, staff writer

The library hosted a battle of the brains on April 14: the twelfth annual student vs. teachers knowledge bowl competition.

Students were winning the competition until the very end when the teachers were able to turn the competition into a tie-breaker round of ten questions. “At first the students buzzed in and they got the question wrong, which gave the faculty a chance to tie it up. None of us knew the answer and then all of the sudden Ms. Daly came up with the answer. It was really out of the blue, but we got the answer right,” said faculty participator and religion teacher Ms. Allison Frank.

Seniors Josh Barnett, Chris Monks, Micheal Conry, and captains Chris Oestreich and Daniel Morizio competed for the students.

While the students took their top seniors to competition, the teachers brought their top teachers to compete. Mr. Picard, Mr, Epler, Mrs. Andersen, Ms. Frank, Mr. Hickman, Mr. Reiff, and Ms. Daly made up the teachers’ team. “Everyone wants to do it, but there’s not a long list of people, so I love being apart of it,” said Ms. Frank. “With not having a long list of teachers that want to do I have been able to be apart of it every year I’ve been here.”

In the tie-breaker, the faculty dominated the ten question round, which lead them to their victory. “Every year that this event happens all the teachers worry about that their jobs are up for grabs, but now that we won their jobs are safe for another year,” said Ms. Frank.

After competing against many different schools throughout the season, the students feel the teachers are one of their toughest opponents. “The teacher vs. student competition is unfair because the teachers have so many years of knowledge,” said senior Chris Monks.

All the teachers contributed their individual skills to the competition. “Mr. Epler knew the most, but every teacher came in at different key moments. Mr. Picard was mostly in charge of the math questions, but he didn’t do too hot with some of them,” said Ms. Frank.

Next year the students hope to improve their student vs. teacher 3-9 record. “It was a lot of fun and I will miss it,” said Barnett.