Newest after-school fad: cooking club

Emma Eldred, staff writer

Immediately after the first sign-up sheets were posted outside of the kitchen doors, students began joining BSM’s new cooking club led by head chef, Mr. Jonathan Barnes. The number of participants increases each Wednesday when the club meets after school to make quick and easy snacks such as guacamole, pizza, muffins, or popovers.

Founded upon popular student demand, Chef Jon could not wait to share his love for cooking with the students. “We had a group of students from a Wellness class come in and cook muffins, salsa, guacamole, and strawberry cream cheese. The students and I had a great time learning from each other and the students were the ones that wanted it and made it happen,” said Chef Jon.

Each week, club members learn how to make a new, unique dish of their choosing. “The first week we made Caprese salad with a balsamic vinegrette, plus a Thai chicken pizza and hand made spring rolls with a spicy chili sauce. Week two we made beef stroganoff and a lemon bundt cake with a lemon glaze,” said Chef Jon. “The best part is that the students tell me what they want to cook, and I learn and I show them how.”

Chef Jon’s friendly and spirited attitude has caused students to know and love him. “He’s awesome. He can really relate to kids and he knows everything about food and every restaurant,” said senior co-captain Lauren Anderson.

Other reasons for joining cooking club vary from simply wanting something fun to do after school to having a desire to learn basic cooking skills. “I figured I’d take a last shot attempt at learning how to cook before college,” said senior co-captain Matt Demboski. “Plus, ladies love a man who can cook.”

Cooking club has received nothing but rave reviews from all of its members because of its relaxed, fun, and practical nature. “It’s really fun,” said Anderson. “I’ve learned how to make quick and easy food that I can make on the go.”