Students to volunteer in Dominican Republic at NPH


Ms. Guzman is providing an opportunity to visit the NPH home in the Dominican Republic because of the orphanage’s extensive need

Katie Cashman, staff writer

Ms. Lidi Guzman, along with many student volunteers, has shown her passion for helping the organization of Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos by planning mission trips to the orphanage in Guatemala. This summer, however, Ms. Guzman is providing students the opportunity to visit the NPH home in the Dominican Republic for a new adventure and because of this orphanage’s extensive need.

The NPH orphanages in Mexico, Honduras, and Guatemala tend to receive the most donations, support and volunteers, so Ms. Guzman decided it was time to send some love in a different direction. Madeline Morin, a BSM alum, has visited the Dominican Republic NPH home and suggested it to Ms. Guzman. “I wanted to branch out and provide opportunities for helping other homes as much as we have Guatemala,” said Ms. Guzman.

The Dominican Republic orphanage opened in 2003 and has since grown from seven children to 198. Originally the orphanage’s location was a rented home, but now Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos has purchased their own property with 12 “family” homes for the children. Thanks to many volunteers and international and national donations this home has been able to build up its school, church, garden and facilities, but they still need a lot of help. “We help the kids to better their overall quality of life,” said Guzman.

Many past BSM volunteers have gained long-lasting friendships, respect for culture and a respect for simplicity from their mission work. “The kids show us so much love. They’ve gone through harder times than some of us can ever imagine and it’s taught us to be happier, and I know they feel more love and care every time we’re there with them,” said senior Amanda Gales.

Because of the smaller size of the Dominican Republic home, the trip is limited to twenty five people; eight have already signed up. Information regarding the trip can be found outside of Ms. Guzman’s office or by speaking to her in person. “The trip is open until all spots are filled,” said Ms. Guzman.

Ms. Guzman encourages all students to consider this opportunity to make a difference, whether they believe themselves to be the mission trip type or not because she believes many will surprise themselves on a trip like this. “They realize they have more talents and gifts than they could’ve imagined,” said Ms. Guzman.